Trust me you would not want to buy your home off the internet

My close friends and family know that I dislike self service tills and the impersonal detachment of Internet shopping. I will be honest and admit that I hate it.

People say buying houses is stressful.  Believe me, when I say it’s nothing compared to online shopping.

Birthday gifts haven’t arrived on time, clothes which looked lovely on the internet model are not what I had hoped for – sack of spuds springs to mind!

A long awaited Christmas present for my mom was delivered by courier to my house and because no one was home they very kindly left it in a safe place….. the recycling bin which was emptied on the same day. 

So I’m sticking to high street shopping in the future.  Thank goodness we don’t buy houses online.  Can you imagine it!

According to a recent nationwide  study by Vivo Property Buyers, people find the task of selling their home more stressful than other life events like getting a divorce, death of a spouse or being made bankrupt. How stressful would it be to buy your next house directly off the internet?

Luckily the Internet doesn’t sell houses. Can you imagine logging onto the internet, finding a house that you want to purchase and adding it to your shopping cart. Checking the delivery address is correct. Deciding whether to pay by PayPal or credit card  and then  finally, excitedly, waiting for the courier to deliver it.

The internet doesn’t sell houses it sells viewings. Properties are advertised there with pictures to capture your interest and entice you to pick up the phone and book a viewing.  The real selling of a home is done in the property itself, person to person.

buy your house off internet
buy your house off internet

Buying any house is an emotional heartfelt experience.  Buying a home is special. You will feel an instant warmth and connection with the house. You will see your furniture in the house, your personal items dotted about and your loved ones curled up on the sofa. You need to see it. You need to explore it. You want to be able to see yourself in the house, no not a house –  a home and maybe your new home.

Would an agent’s photos online show you all you want to see. The best photos cannot possibly show you everything, would you be able get a clear picture  in your mind of the house from just a description.

What about those questions you have about your future home. An estate agent will have lots of useful information to share with you, especially if you are new to the area. We do.

We like to know about the houses we are selling.  We like to know about the area and the neighbours.  We want to tell you the history of the house, if you were buying a second hand car, you would want the full-service history, wouldn’t you?  Why should a house be different?

Selling houses is about people and customer service.  Online shopping is cold and impersonal. What happened to my moms present you may ask, I phoned and phoned and each time I hit a brick wall with an automated message. That was a stressful time!

So my advice, stick to the high street for things that are really important.

Have you had a similar experience which has made you reflect and think?  If so I would love to hear about them.  My name is Lorraine.  I am here to help you move.  Call me on 01827 425195.

Happy house hunting.