Ask Lorraine – My Tamworth tenants shower fault

Ask Lorraine -My Tamworth tenants shower fault

I allowed my tenant to install a shower over the bath approx. 6 months ago,  he used a certified tradesman and paid for the installation himself.

Two weeks ago a part inside the unit failed causing water to leak into the kitchen below.

ask lorraine shower fault
ask lorraine shower fault

The first I knew about the leak, was when my tenant sent the bill for the call out charge of  £116.00 for me to pay. He’s also sent me a quote to replace the shower and repair the kitchen ceiling, a hefty quote at £850.00.



Who should be taking responsibility for this, me or my tenant?

Thanks Ady

Lorraine’s Answer –

Hi Ady, If your tenant arranged and paid for the installation of the shower, the  contract will be between your tenant and the installer. I do however think you should take charge of the situation, after all it’s your property. Why on earth would you allow a tenant  to find their own trades person and install a shower?

There should be a one year warranty on the shower so replacement should be covered.  That’s assuming that the tradesman carried out the installation properly.

Speak to your tenant and the installer (confirm details and warranty period) and take it from there.

shower blog
shower blog

You should have landlords insurance for the kitchen ceiling, you can’t ask your tenant to pay for this, unless they were remiss in choosing the installer.

My advice – In future do not allow your tenants to carry out works themselves unless you are there to oversee and sign off any work.

Until next time.

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