Ask Lorraine – My Tamworth tenant is in substantial rent arrears

Do I still go to court
Do I still go to court

Ask Lorraine – I am in court in 3 weeks time over substantial rent arrears, if the tenants pay me before the court date do I still take them to court under Ground 11,  irregularity of payments or should I cancel the proceedings?

Thankyou V. T.



Lorraine’s Answer –  There are no refunds once you have paid the court fee, therefore, if your tenants did pay your outstanding rent, I would suggest you still continue with your court action.

scales of justice
scales of justice

We always put grounds 8, 10 and 11 –  you have all bases covered then,  just in case they do pay before the hearing.

If the tenants have paid, you probably won’t be awarded a possession order outright, most likely you will receive  a suspended order to see how they behave in the short term.

Usually when substantial arrears are owed, tenants do not pay up and it’s rare for them to turn up at court. Why not have your day in court, it’s a learning experience.

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