How to prepare your Tamworth home for photographs

Yes, it is true. A photo speaks a thousand words. Great photos attract buyers whereas poor photos can put buyers off.

At Hall & Thompson, we believe in clear photography that shows off the whole room. Here are a few of our top tips to help you get ready for your photo shoot!

The kitchen

Declutter your workspaces and clear away anything stored on top of kitchen cupboards. Get rid of the bin! Ensure the hob is clean and find a hiding place for the dish drainer and scouring pads.
Why not add fresh flowers or a bowl of fruit. 

The bathroom  

Remove spare toilet rolls, razors and toothbrushes.
Put down the toilet seat, hide shampoo bottles and bath toys. .  Remove grime limescale that has built up and grout.
Display fresh towels.                       

The bedroom’s

Clear away any clutter including anything that is stored on top of wardrobes. Bedside tables should be clear of clutter, ever heard of the term less is more!
Try dressing your bed with nice linen and add a touch of luxury with quality cushions.

General areas

Ensure all curtains and blinds are open. Clean your windows.  Store old shoes in plastic boxes with lids.  De-personalising the house by removing other personal effects, ornaments etc. Tidy away the kids toys and if possible, move pet paraphernalia and litter boxes to a garage or shed. Why not ask a relative or friend to look your pets while viewings are taking place.

Outside your home

Move your car from the drive or house front. Tidy the garden and move the wheelie bins out of sight. Put up hanging baskets to add colour and if you have a garden, plant some seasonal  bedding flowers.

Our team’s favourite tips – How to prepare your home for photos!

Jody's tips
Jody’s tips

Switch on lights.  A lamp can brighten up a  gloomy corner and add atmosphere to a room.  See how lighting transforms a room! Add  bedside lamps to make your bed the focal point of your bedroom. Make sure each room in your house has a purpose. Buyers want to envisage their belongings in your home. Clean up by renting a storage unit for knickknacks, photos, extra furniture and other personal items.

Lorraine's tips
Lorraine’s tips

If you want to use scent to help sell your home, try using a hint of a single-note organic one such as: orange, lemon, vanilla, cinnamon, or cedar.

When you’re in the  estate agency business, you want someone to walk in and want to stay in the house. You want the home to feel familiar and welcoming. Sometimes it may take more than one visit  to decide to buy a home  so you  want to encourage people to feel at ease and want to revisit.

Jackie's tips
Jackie’s tips

Make sure your home feels
warm and inviting when buyers come around.  If it’s chilly outside put your heating on a timer so it switches on an hour before they arrive.  Buyers love the glow of a fire in the winter so if you have a fire, switch that on a few minutes before the buyer is due. Fit brighter light bulbs and mend that broken light switch or socket.

And lastly, make yourself scarce when your agent arrives.

If you would like any help in how to prepare your home for photos, please get in touch. We would love to help. We can create a bespoke plan just for you, which is ultimately designed to help your home attract a buyer easier, and at a better price.