Tamworth Landlords – The importance of vetting your tenants

Landlords, It is vital that tenants are thoroughly vetted, after all you are running a business…ASK THE TAXMAN!  You are putting strangers in your property, therefore, it is how they sound on paper and not how nice and suave they appear. Hopefully Jack the Ripper won’t be moving into your abode!

axe murderer
axe murderer







A quick reminder of vetting checks to carry out:-

  • Employers reference
  • Last quarter bank statements
  • Proof of address- ask for a recent utility bill to check against other documents
  • Credit checks – CC J’s or bankruptcy
  • Photo I.D Drivers Licence or Passport
  • Current/Previous Landlord reference

These precautions will give you the best protection, if any prospective tenant cannot produce this information then alarm bells should start ringing.  Regardless of the tenant’s status, whether they are employed or in full-time education, you need to make an informed decision about whom you accept as a tenant, therefore make NO compromises on referencing.

I’ve covered many times, the legislation hoops  (right to rent checks) landlords have to jump through, full details can be found at this link https://www.gov.uk/government/news/right-to-rent-checks-what-they-mean-for-you 

As Paddy McGuinness says “No Likey, No lighty”

Until next time.