How to be a strict but fair Tamworth landlord

So you want to be a Landlord who is revered by your tenants but are not seen as a pushover, do you?

There are a  few tips that I would recommend to hopefully give you an easier life as a landlord.

landlords tips
landlords tips






Communicating with tenants:

  • Set out ground rules and stick to them, not letting tenants call  you at 11pm – to ask a stupid question.
  • Writing is better than phoning but remember to keep copies.
  • Try and accommodate the tenants wishes to make contact   – messenger, email, text or even Facebook.
  • Why not syke them instead of giving out your phone number.
  • Ensure your AST covers all bases concerning communicating.

Late rental payments: 

  • Help tenants set up a standing order or use direct debit – they can’t forget to make payment.
  • Diarise rent date and make contact on the same day if it’s not forthcoming.
  • Set up a process and stick to it  e.g. text day 1 and 2, call day 3 and 4 and final warning day 5 or 6.
  • Do not be a soft touch and fall for those tales of woe.


  • What is an emergency, your definition is probably not the same as your tenants – So define “emergency” for your tenants.
  • Instruct tenants about what to do in an emergency. Do they really need to call you!
  • Consider landlord emergency cover.

Dealing with routine maintenance:

  • Have a good all round base of trade contacts ensuring they are paid on time and treated fairly.
  • Can the tenant sort out the issue easily themselves without calling you out – e.g. unblock the sink or clean the washing machine filter.
  • Explain clearly the difference between condensation and damp, let the tenant know their responsibilities to both.
  • Carry out regular internal and external  inspections and look for early signs of repairs, often cheaper than letting things go.

Inspection visits:

  • Test smoke/carbon monoxide alarms.
  • Look for any signs of condensation.
  • Visually inspect electrics.
  • Looks for signs of sub letting.
  • Look for early signs of repairs that may be required.


  • Be proactive  and not reactive.
  • Work smart and not hard.

“People who work hard and people who work smart have different measures of success.” Jacob Morgan

work smart not hard
work smart not hard










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