Ask Lorraine – Why won’t our Tamworth landlord replace our stolen possessions?

🙋  Tenants Question: 

A couple of weeks ago the house that we rent off a Tamworth landlord was broken into and some of our possessions were taken including a small amount of cash.  The landlord is refusing to compensate us for replacing these goods, surely he can claim back off his insurance?

Why won't our Tamworth landlord replace our stolen possessions?
Why won’t our Tamworth landlord replace our stolen possessions?


















Lorraine’s Answer:

The effects of a burglary can be devastating and the cost of replacing your possessions soon adds up, however responsibility lays with the tenant to take out contents insurance to cover their own contents and valuables, it’s not up to the landlord.

Surprisingly, recent research shows that 61% of tenants do not  currently have contents insurance and 48% of those admitted that they have never taken out contents insurance.

In-fact  19 % of tenants had no idea what contents insurance was!

Research carried out by Upad noted that 78% of tenants had belongings to the value of £1000 with 22% owing belongings totalling £5,000 or more. Generally we all have mobile phones and other little must have gadgets that soon add up in value and what’s the cost to replace the food in the freezer, should you have a power cut and the food gets spoiled.

So What is Contents Insurance?

Tenant contents insurance provides peace of mind that you will be able to replace your personal possessions should they get damaged or stolen.

Some policies include accidental damage cover against Landlord’s contents for which the tenant has been made legally responsible.

So why not give some thought to contents insurance, it’s not expensive as you may think and you may thank your lucky stars one day. If you would like more information, get in touch.

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