Do Embarrassing Street Names Affect Your Tamworth Property Price?

As a child do you remember chuckling when you saw a rude street name or have you refused to buy a house that you really loved as it was on a street with a particularly embarrassing name.

Well, have you considered how the name of your street could possibly be affecting the price of your home?

A recent study carried out by Hometrack claims that is your property is situated on “Lane” this is the most sought after address, with a road named “Way” coming in a close second.

Properties situated on roads named “Drive”, “Street” or “Avenue”  were the most affordable.  I personally would have thought that “Avenue” would have been in the top 3, for me this conjures up leafy suburbs.

Most Valuable Street Names

  1. Lane
  2. Way
  3. Road
  4. Close
  5. Avenue
  6. Drive
  7. Street

Rude or embarrassing road names tend to command a lower than average price.

A semi-detached home on Bell End, Rowley Regis costs an average of £126,408, whereas a neighbouring road, Uplands Avenue, a similar property costs an average of £187,027.

Properties on Minge Lane in Upton-on-Severn are worth half as much as a property on  neighbouring roads.

Rude Street Names






Trying to sell a property on a rude sounding road may possibly take longer to sell? Imagine if people where to ask where you lived and you replied on Minge Lane or Coppers End, I can imagine the chuckles and tittering. Living in houses with rude road names is not for the faint hearted.

In October 2015 Tamworth Borough Council gave residents  the chance to choose street names for new council house projects for the Tinkers Green and Kerria Centre developments. The flats on Tinkers Green Road are currently being demolished, so I’m sure we will soon see what names the Tamworth residents have chosen.  lets hope the residents don’t go for :-

  • Boggy Bottom, Abbots Langley, Herts, UK
  • Booty Lane, NorthYorkshire
  • Bottoms Fold, Lancashire
  • Broadbottom, Cheshire, UK
  • Brown Willy, Cornwall,UK
  • Bushygap, Northumberland, UK
  • Catsgore, Somerset, UK
  • Charles Bottom, Devon, UK
  • Clap Hill, village in Kent, UK
  • Scratchy Bottom, Dorset, UK

Residents will get the chance to choose the street names for the Tinkers Green and Kerria Centre development replacing homes such as these in Linthouse Walk.

 Flats on Tinkers Green Road currently being demolished


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