Ask Lorraine – Can I force my Tamworth Landlord to replace a window

🙋  Tenants Question: 

We rent a 3 bed terraced house in Tamworth from a private landlord. the house was  built in the 1960’s and we have been living there 2 years.  Last year the landlord had cavity wall insulation carried out and he replaced the kitchen. Since Christmas  I have  been asking the landlord to replace a single  glazed window in the kitchen as the rest of the house is double glazed, he is refusing, how can I put pressure on him to do this?

Can I force landlord to upgrade window?


Lorraine’s Answer:

I presume that you inspected the house before you agreed to rent and were happy with what you saw?

The landlord is obviously spending money on the property and upgrading it, some  landlords don’t even see fit to upgrade their properties so I think you have a decent one there. Trying to  put pressure on your  landlord may only cause bad feeling and that will not help your cause. It may be that the window is  on his/her radar to renew, after all he must have spent a fair amount last year and being a  landlord is a business, not a charity.

Under general repairing  obligations, as a general rule, a landlord doesn’t have to improve the property from what was granted initially.  If your financial position allows, would replacing the window yourself be something that both you and the landlord would agree too.

I do think that you should ask to meet the landlord for a friendly chat and clear the air before a small thing like a single glazed window becomes so much more.

Until next week.