Ask Lorraine – Do I need an EPC for my Tamworth property before I can issue a section 21 ?

🙋  Landlord’s Question: 

I want to issue a section 21 to my tenants as I’ve asked them to leave and they won’t. I’ve been told that I need an EPC before I  can issue this notice, is this correct?

Do I need an EPC??

Do I need an EPC??

Lorraine’s Answer:

I’m presuming that you manage the property yourself as any agent would have informed you that an EPC has been a legal requirement since 2007. For a tenancy or renewal granted on or after 1 October 2015, no section 21 can be served unless an EPC has been given beforehand.

I would recommend getting the EPC completed as soon as possible and checking that you have everything else in place before even considering issuing a Section 21 notice as it will only be thrown out of court.

You should consider getting professional advice before you do issue the Section 21 notice or perhaps joining one of the many Landlord groups, their advice and expertise is worth every penny.

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