Ask Lorraine – My Landlord Won’t Issue Another Tenancy!!

🙋  Tenant’s Question: 

”Dear Lorraine,

I have a twelve month tenancy agreement and my landlord had said she won’t issue a new one, it runs out in three weeks.  Is she right that my old tenancy will continue as is? Please advise, I don’t want to leave.

Renewing a tenancy
My Landlord Won’t Issue Another Tenancy!!

Lorraine’s Answer:

All assured shorthold tenancies will go periodic at the end of the fixed term period , as long as the tenant/s continue to live in the property.

Should the landlord create another fixed term tenancy, this may give you, the tenant more peace of mind. A renewal ties the tenant in for another twelve months, however if the tenant really wants to leave early into the tenancy, nothing will stop them.

The landlord on the other hand  cannot issue a section 21 to get their property back until after the four month of tenancy and then the landlord  would have to give two months notice.

So I really see no major advantage of renewing a tenancy, I’d let it run into periodic.

I hope I have put your fears to bed?

Some agents will  do a renewal of tenancy but that’s only because they charge a renewal fee.

Until next week

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