Ask Lorraine – I’ve become an accidental landlord and the Tamworth property I’ve inherited has a woodburner

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”Dear Lorraine,

I’ve become an accidental landlord and the Tamworth property I’ve inherited has a wood burner . Should I get rid of this before I consider renting out this property. In a nutshell what  are responsibilities if I leave the wood burner?

Wood Burner advice
Wood Burner advice


Lorraine’s Answer

You must install a  carbon monoxide alarm in the room where the wood burner is situated. Apart from that, currently there is no legislation requiring any specific periodic inspection.
A check should be made at the start of each new tenancy by a competent person, that the appliance is safe to use and has not been tampered with or the flue is not blocked. It’s surprising how many people try to burn plastic bags and other combustible materials.  I’ve been reliably informed  that  burning ‘wet’ wood produces acidic moisture that will condense and corrode the flue.
So the wood used should be from a reputable source rather than collecting cheap old doors and windows that may have been treated with varnish or other sealants.
It also worth noting that the backplate, seals and ropes will need to be checked  on a regular basis, so if you think having a wood burner in a tenanted property is not going to work, then I would recommend having a contractor uninstall the appliance.

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