Ask Lorraine – Can I Do A Four Month Tenancy?

🙋  Landlord’s Question: 

”Dear Lorraine,

I would like to rent my flat  for 4 months only, my daughter is moving back from the States  and  will want to move in. I know the end date for the tenancy but I’m not sure how to complete the paperwork, is it a standard tenancy agreement.  Do you think I will have  a problem finding a short term tenant?

Four month tenancy
Four month tenancy?

Lorraine’s Answer:

You are still creating a fixed term assured shorthold tenancy and you can create a tenancy for how ever long you wish, however since 1st October 2015 you will find that you cannot serve a section 21 within the first four months of the tenancy.

Even though you have created the tenancy for four months if the tenant decides not to move out at the end of the four months (plus one day) you will then have to serve them with a Section 21  giving two months notice. So make sure all your paperwork is in order and the tenant has received the EPC, gas certification and  “how to rent leaflet”,  otherwise the section 21 will be invalid and you will be back at square one. If a deposit has been taken, ensure it has been dealt with correctly and in the required time.

If your section 21 is valid and the renters are  still in situ, you will need to obtain a possession order through the court.

I would recommend advertising your property for a four month let ensuring that it is clear and visible in the advertisement. When holding viewings make it quite clear that it is only a four month tenancy and why it is only for this period.

That way you are likely to find a tenant who will leave voluntarily at the end of the term because they are only wanting it short term anyway, there are always people looking for short rentals.

Until next week.

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