Ask Lorraine – My tenant has refused to supply a forwarding address

🙋  Landlord’s Question: 

”Dear Lorraine,

My tenant has refused to supply a forwarding address, how can I  inform the relevant authorities if I don’t have the information?

My tenant has refused to supply a forwarding address

Lorraine’s Answer

I don’t know anywhere that says it’s a legal requirement to leave a forwarding address, however I’m a little concerned why the tenant did not feel able or want to give you this.

Did the tenancy end on friendly terms?

As a tenancy ends do you advise your tenants, that  in order to send mail on that has not been redirected, you require a forwarding address. It’s surprising the number of people who do not redirect mail!

Do you take a deposit – I’m sure the tenant would like their deposit back quickly. Then you require a forwarding address to enable you to complete the Deposit Return process forms. Without a forwarding address the deposit can take many months to be returned to either the tenant or landlord. I usually find that tenants are only too willing to give me their forwarding address where a deposit is involved.

If you do take a forwarding address, don’t forget to advise the utility companies including all meter readings and of course don’t forget to advise the local council so that they can chase any outstanding council tax.

Until next week.

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