Ask Lorraine – A couple have rented my house and the man who was the only one on the tenancy has done a runner, help

🙋  Landlord’s Question: 

”Dear Lorraine,

I’m a private Tamworth landlord. A couple have been renting my house since 2009 and the man who was the only one named on the tenancy has left the property, help!

I’m too old for this hassle and I’ve decided to sell up. The lady doesn’t hold a contract so can I just tell her to go. He left 3 months ago and she’s been struggling to pay the rent ever since, she has no idea where he’s living.

I'm a Tamworth Landlord
I want my property back


Lorraine’s Answer

It sounds as though you have created a verbal tenancy with the lady as you have been accepting her rent. I would suggest serving a section 21 notice giving  at least  2 months notice to quit.

You will need to ensure that the gas safety certification, EPC,  “how to rent guide” is served first, don’t forget to get the ladies signature confirming receipt of said documents.

The section 21 cannot be served during the first four months of a tenancy so you will need to wait another month, at least.

In the meantime try to help the lady find alternative accomodation, after all it’s not her fault that her partner has left her in this mess.

Until next week.


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