Ask Lorraine – My Tenant Had A Pet In The Property & I Don’t Allow Pets!!!!

🙋  Landlord’s Question: 

”Dear Lorraine,

My  tenant had a pet in the property I own. Their tenancy agreement stated that pets were not allowed at beginning of tenancy and at no time did I agree to allow a pet into the property.

I was rather remiss in carrying out inspections. Now they have moved out that I’ve noticed evidence of pet damage to doors, carpets and the general smell of the property. They have lived in the property for 2 years.

Please Advise.

Lorraine’s Answer

I hear this story so many times from self managing Landlords who have neglected to carry out regular inspections.

I would say that any damage caused by the tenant  or their pets are  the tenants liability and this is where the deposit can be used  (and if not sufficient deposit, the tenant can be pursued for the shortfall). If you have taken a deposit and can provide evidence that the tenants, while in occupation have caused the damage, you should be able to claim.  Do you have the time and inclination to pursue, if not, it’s a valuable lesson learned and it’s time to move on!

Until next week.


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