Ask Lorraine – I’ve Let My Tenants Gas Safety Certificate Expire, Will He Have Any Recompense?

🙋 Landlord’s Question: 

Dear Lorraine,

I rent out my property and only realised  last week that my Gas Safety Certificate expired in November 2016.

I know being a  landlord that the accountability sits with me, but I would like to know if my tenant can insist on a rent refund or compensation.


Lorraine’s Answer

Following the recent deregulation act rules, you may find that if you had wanted to, you could not have issued a Section 21 notice to your tenant. You have left yourself in a vulnerable position and I would strongly recommend you get the certification carried out as a matter of some urgency.

I think as long as everything is checked and certified and there have been no accidents while the gas certificate was out of date, you should be okay. You are required to keep full  records for 2 years.

Many Gas Safe Engineers will text or email landlords to remind them that annual Gas Safety  checks are due, so why not ask you engineer if this is something that he automatically does.

Your tenant may not even be aware that they should receive a copy of the annual Gas Safety Certificate, even if they are, they are not entitled to a rent refund or compensation.

Until next week.