Ask Lorraine – How much notice do I need to give my tenants?

🙋  Landlord’s Question: 

”Dear Lorraine,

 I have a property in Tamworth that I need to sell, the tenants have been living there 4 years. How much time to leave the property do I need to give my tenants? They have been good tenants and I don’t want to upset them”.
Lorraine’s Answer

First things first have your tenancy agreement to hand, assuming that the contract is a periodic (rolling) contract then 2 months notice.

My advice, if you are unsure of how to serve the notice  correctly yourself then I would personally pay a professional to serve this on your behalf.

Before serving notice, ensure that all  your ducks are in a row i.e annual gas safety inspection carried out and tenant has a copy, deposit has been dealt with correctly.  Getting it right at the outset is so much easier than half way down the line having to start all over again. I’d be gutted if I had a sale going through and was advised that my notice was void, I can’t imagine the buyer would hang around much longer.

If serving yourself, post a copy retaining  proof of postage from 2 or 3 different post offices, allowing for the correct number of days.  or hand deliver the notice yourself, taking a friend or relative with you who can video or take a photo as proof of postage through the door.

I would be honest and upfront with your tenant, upsetting them may cause problems with you. You need the  cooperation of your tenants with regards to   viewings while they are still living there. So keeping the tenants on continued friendly terms is a must.

I hope all goes well in the sale of your Tamworth property.

Until next week.