Serviced Accommodation in Tamworth – Is there a need

If you are a contractor working away from home and living in a hotel room, do you go slightly insane staying confined to four walls. If a typical night consists of you sitting at the bar with only the bartender for company and perhaps you’re craving a few more home comforts, well, there is another option to consider. The buzz word at the moment is “serviced accommodation” typically a flat, this type of accommodation not only offers better value for money but is a more flexible option which is ideally suited to those travelling on business. 
In a nutshell  serviced accommodation is like a hotel because your accommodation is charged on a nightly basis. In return you are provided with a fully furnished and equipped property to offer you all your home creature comforts. 
Hotel rooms unless you have mega bucks to pay for a suite are  typically small and offer little more than a bed and desk  and a small living space.
Serviced accommodation, on the other hand, usually offer much more space for the same price or even cheaper. They usually include a fully equipped kitchen, allowing you the freedom to cook for yourself rather than having the added expense of eating out every day. 
An added bonus is serviced accommodation will offer a washing machine and drying facilities. While this may not sound like much of an advantage over hotels (which usually offer a laundry service themselves), the cost savings can be enormous. The hotel laundry services are always overpriced, I am told.
Many blocks of flats that offer the serviced option also offer other facilities and might include a fitness centre and a concierge service.
Serviced accommodation is flexible when it comes to bookings.You can pay for one night or stay for up to 6 months with the price quoted often lower, the longer the stay. 


If your Company is not aware of serviced accommodation, It would be in everybody’s interest if they were to take a good look at what this can offer.  It could provide you and  your colleagues with a  far superior standard of accommodation, a great cost saving to your employer – A win win situation for all!

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