Now Is The Time To Get That Garden Ready To Be A Winter Wonderland

It is almost Autumn which means that any gardens will need to be protected from that cold winter chill so whilst you are preparing to get those jumpers and coats out the back of the wardrobe, here are a few of my top gardening tips to keep your garden gleaming!

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Whether you live in the suburbs or the countryside it is essential to protect your trees – You may have seen around that younger trees are coated at the base by a wire mesh – essential to keep rats and mice from chewing them up and killing them over winter! I doubt we’ll get any snow again this year but this mesh also provides a good layer to keep the sap canals in the tree from freezing! If you have evergreens continue watering them as well as any shrubberies you have that keep their leaves over winter.

Talking about leaves an ideal solution in Tamworth is to chop them up with a lawnmower and put them in your flowerbeds or compost bin but whatever you do – take them off the lawn unless you want patchy grass come spring and summer! Although leaves are a good source of nutrients when they decay you lawn will still need light! Do your edging in summer to avoid damaging the roots in winter and if you plan on weeding flowerbeds put the waste in the green bin to avoid contaminating your compost bin with the weed seeds to avoid chaos next summer!

If you spray your lawns with a weedkiller make sure you do it at the start of October to stop horrible winter weeds destroying your grass and spray with lawn fertiliser a few weeks before spring starts for a vibrant colourful summer grass.

You may choose to plant bulbs for spring in Autumn before the ground freezes over winter so your garden will come in to bloom early as for cutting down the perennials many people will choose to leave them to provide seeds for the non migratory birds over winter but if you do it today you’ll save yourself a job for tomorrow (personally I would feed the birds!) and remember if you are cutting them down for next year to leave a good few inches off the ground to avoid them getting diseased over winter. You will not have to worry about your roses until spring so unlike many people who have them, I would opt not to cut them back until then unless absolutely necessary!     Image result for twitter logo 64x64     Image result for ico 64x64

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