The Science Behind Valuating Properties in Tamworth.

Valuating property can be a science that is very easy to get wrong which is why when deciding on a value for your home you must consider many factors on what sort of price should be being asked for, this if for a property you are either looking to buy or sell.

Getting an indication of the value of local property sales can give you a rough idea and many websites track the sales over periods of many years and looking at trends. You may decide you want a quick sale and value your home at less than houses on the market or place a bet that prices may rise and put in a higher asking price. Remember this is your decision, but getting good advice may help you save a few months of back and forth negotiations and may get you a good deal.

Property markets in areas can be sensitive to change especially if there is an influx in supply and demand. If the property for sale is in an area where houses rarely come up for sale you may see the offers are over the odds but if multiple properties come up – the opposite. This can be seen nationally and is not a phenomenon exclusive to Tamworth. An agent in the area will most often than not track prices in individual streets and area and if unsure they will know where to look (assuming you pick one who is willing to work for their money!)

If the property that is being bought or sold is unique or highly sought after such as many featured in our “Properties of The Week!” articles then it will naturally attract higher offers as buyers will pay a premium for a one of a kind.

A seller may be in a rush to sell their property and cut the price due to the circumstances they may find their selves in rather than risk threats of repossession or the home they’re looking to buy getting sold if in a chain.

Getting the right agent is important as they will know how circumstances can affect the value of properties so getting a reputable local agent to get an accurate valuation on your home and advise you where needed is of the utmost importance – do not be afraid to ask questions and look online for reviews to see if the agent has a proven record of achieving sales near to the valuations they give.     Image result for twitter logo 64x64     Image result for ico 64x64

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