Don’t Let A Summer Heatwave Become A Tamworth Crime Wave!

Whether tending to the garden with the windows and doors open trying to cool your house down or just popping down to the shops and leaving the windows ajar – Whilst enjoying the Summer sun this year remember to keep your home secure whilst you are otherwise occupied.

Thieves can be in and out in as little as a couple of minutes, whilst out walking their dogs a friend of mine and her husband inadvertently left their house keys in their property. The husband climbed over their garden fence gained entry to the unlocked garage and entered the upstairs bedroom window with his ladders. I asked my friend, “Didn’t it take him long? You were lucky that a neighbour didn’t see and phone the police!” to which she replied that it had taken him less than five minutes. Which got me thinking; this is a man who is getting on and works in an office, not what you would call a career criminal who does it a few times a week… The story could have been much worse for them as I pointed out to them.

Opportunist burglars love summer for all the wrong reasons having a window often provides easy pickings for thieves in the form of laptops, handbags and car keys. Having those windows and doors unsecured provides easy access to your property. Astonishingly insurance companies last year reported a 21% increase during the summer months for these “unforced entry” claims, which many policies will not cover as they will ask homeowners “take reasonable steps to prevent loss or damage to property” leaving you out of pocket!

So take some simple steps to avoid a rain cloud forming on your horizon; remember to :-

  • Lock your doors and windows when you are outside of your property and if possible use restrictors on the windows.
  • Make sure valuables are not within easy reach or prominently on display.
  • Keep an eye out for things that may seem amiss on your street and support the neighbourhood watch scheme if there is one in your area.
  • Ensure that your home insurance needs are adequate and review your needs annually!

Just a little something to think about, I hope you all remember to keep your properties secure and to have a fantastic Summer!

Happy Days

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