Heard From A Little Birdie That The Plans For Tamworth Golf Course Have Been Approved! – Tamworth

Welcome back everyone! If you’ve read the herald lately you’ll perhaps already know that there have been questions about the future of Tamworth Golf Course since it’s closure in October 2014. There’s been some good news on the home front this week with the planning application to build 1,100 new homes, the majority of these being two and three bedroom properties. In the proposed plans a community centre and a new school are also included to be built.

In the planning application it’s been revealed this week that 20% of the houses build will be “affordable homes” with 75% of those homes being rented and the other 5% to be shared ownership properties.
The local council have said that this will help to meet the local housing needs. With a large amount of people on the waiting list for affordable housing, (council owned or privately rented) this could be a fantastic opportunity to pre-emptively buy some of these affordable houses.

The land has not yet been sold to a developer, but the application has already been given the green light with the majority of the planning committee voting to approve the application (8 to 5 in favour)

Definitely one to look out for, This weeks Tamworth Herald has more information on the proposal and what it will include – So grab yourself a copy and make sure to keep an eye on these up and coming new builds dotted all around Tamworth!

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