What A Difference A Mile Or Two Make! – Tamworth Property Price Highs and Lows

Hey guys, I’ve got another interesting article for you all today – For a small town, ranked just 28th in the West Midlands for population many of you might have noticed that just a couple of streets difference can make a massive amount of change in property price. The most expensive houses in the Dosthill area sell for just over £390,000, however just down the road in Harrow Close, Wilnecote (a 1.5 mile distance away) you are looking at just over £42,000 – granted they are very different houses in very different areas but these two roads are both the highest and lowest values in Tamworth – with price differences like that you’d expect them to be opposite sides of the Town!

But we’re finding more and more commonly that these housing price anomalies are happening more and more often (which can interestingly be viewed here). Personally I put it down to a stronger local economy than most other areas of Staffordshire and some of the new housing areas they are creating. The price differences are also happening in older more established areas too, for example properties in Glascote Heath range from £59,000 in Signal Walk up to £100,000 in Chapelon just a 0.2 mile distance!
Is that great news for Landlords? Most likely – You’ll achieve a similar rent in the Glascote Heath example but for a whopping £41,000 less upfront.

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