Up Up And Away! House Prices Potentially Set To Soar in Tamworth!

Hey everyone, I hope you’re all doing fantastic now the sun is back shining in the sky! Today I’ve come up with an interesting read for you all today that I hope you’ll all enjoy about the house prices in the local area over the last few years, some very insightful information for you all here!


Since 2012, Tamworth has had a steady growth in the prices of the average property, I’ve took the statistics from two websites, Home.co.uk and Zoopla both show slightly different growth.

If you are not familiar with it, Home.co.uk is a website that features houses from websites such as Zoopla and Rightmove so they have more statistics to share, whereas Zoopla have agents post properties directly to them, this means that although Zoopla is a good source of information, Home has more accurate data, explaining the massive rise in 2013.

Halifax estimate a 10% rise and Nationwide estimate 9%, so we see that although Zoopla is slightly higher it’s not too far out but Home.co.uk is right on the money.

But most importantly what does this mean for prospective and current landlords? Well I think it could be two things, house prices are set to continue to rise in the area as more people are currently in work and looking to move to the area in fact, a recent BBC survey found that Tamworth has a shrinking unemployment base and higher wages. So this could mean that more people are looking to move to the area for work. We can also see from the below graph that less houses have been sold 2014-2015 and in fact we are noticing less “For Sale!” boards so this could be a fantastic time to invest, it may actually be your last chance to make a great purchase before the average price rises even more.
The BBC Article also confirms what many agents have personally been telling me over the last few months – More and more people are looking to Tamworth to boost their incomes due to the prices of houses being cheaper than surrounding areas like Sutton Coldfield as well as it’s fantastic road network that easily connects to places like Birmingham and Leicester.
So could it be worth it for you? 

Remember though, It’s always important to do your homework and get sources from multiple places. Advice is a key thing too, I am local, I know the area better than the big business’ who just see you as another number and I always do my homework before giving you advice on what to do! so if you’d like to talk about Property Investment in Tamworth or the surrounding areas, contact me!

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